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There's A Heaven

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Album: There's A Heaven
Artist: Bob Weston
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  • This is a limited, signed edition of the CD which has been prepared exclusively for The Penguin. Bob Weston is negotiating a distribution deal and the album is expected to be released in a more official capacity next year.
  • Vocals: Bob Weston and Lianne Carrol, Guitars: Bob Weston, Keyboards: Max Middleton and Lianne Carrol, Bass Guitar: Roger Carey, Tabla: Julian Franks, Harmonica and Drum Programming: Rory Cameron
  • Producer(s): Bob Weston , Rory Cameron
  • Executive Producer: Peter Weston
  • The MP3 sound files available above were meticulously and generously prepared by Steve Fairhead and are hosted on the server which runs the Official Bob Weston site.

   From the Artist

From the Q&A: "The new album is extremely eclectic, offering 50% songs and 50% instrumentals. It's a bit of a world journey, touching on latin, gospel, indian tabla, delta blues (slide and straight guitar). Blimey - you have to hear it <g>."

The Q&A Session on The Penguin was in December 1999 here.

   Album Reviews

For many of us, Bob Weston is best known for his brilliant guitar work on Fleetwood Mac's "Penguin" and "Mystery To Me." His new solo album, "There's a Heaven," is a delightful mix of light pop and mellow blues. The first two tracks, "There's a Heaven Above" and "Icarus Wings," are both charming light pop songs with very catchy melodies. Personally, my favorite tracks are "Lady Hurricane" and "Walkin' Blues," two of the more bluesy songs on the CD. There are also a series of delightful instrumentals, pleasantly reminiscent of "Caught in the Rain," Weston's instrumental from "Penguin." Being an avid James Bond fan, I especially enjoyed the instrumental "Shaken Not Stirred." Overall, Weston's music is very soothing and truly a joy to listen to. I highly recommend it! (John Mauro, Almond, New York)

Bob Weston's first album for quite some time. At last!!!! This is a bright refreshing album with some of the songs having that "Fleetwood Mac" sound. The songs "There's a Heaven Above" and "Icarus Wings" are two brilliant songs that haunt the mind long after I listened to the CD. There are some great instrumental tracks especially "Walk Away" - a great chill out blues number. "Lady Hurricane" sums up the mood. Play this when watching a storm outside! You will feel a tingling go down your spine! To conclude this album has a song for everyone - young or old. If this is Bob Westons comeback, it is an excellent start! (Mark Chevalier, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom)

When I was asked to submit a review for Bob Weston's brand new album, THERE'S A HEAVEN, I wondered if I could be objective; If I could be truly honest if I didn't like the music. I needn't have been concerned. The album succeeds wonderfully. It could have been recorded two decades ago, but for the clean, textured sound. This doesn't sound like a '90s recording. (And that's refreshing). I hadn't heard music made by Bob Weston since his stint with Fleetwood Mac all those years ago. There are shades of Robbie Robertson, George Harrison, Ry Cooder throughout. Probably the most striking track is "Lady Hurricane". It sounds like an outtake from the Peter Green IN THE SKIES sessions. "Icarus Wings" is reminiscent of "Love The One You're With" at the chorus. It's a fresh, summery pop tune. Weston's guitar playing is fluid and clean. If you love guitar, this album is definitely for you. "Walk Away", "Indian Blue" are uncluttered and atmospheric. Here, Bob is using the guitar as an aural paint brush, with flourishes like dabs of color on canvas. The CD is bookended with uplifting pieces, both with vocals by Lianne Carrol; "There's A Heaven Above" and "All The Love In The World". All of the material here is written by Bob Weston as well. A welcome addition to any album collection, as well as the Fleetwood Mac canon. (Timothy Kee, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA)

Bob Weston is back!!! I just received this album and I have not stopped listening to it since. I was particularly impressed with the instrumentals in the album. If you like great guitar then this ones for you. This album is a fresh start for a great artist. I hope this is only the beginning. By all means get this album! (Tom Kirby, Roswell, New Mexico, USA)

Fantastic music. Very diversified. Must have for any serious guitar oriented music connoisseur. (Russell Wright, Salt Lake City, Utah)

Singing almost every category in musical culture, Bob Weston certainly has still lived up to his ability to write and perform great music. Suggesting songs is only the beginning when listening to this extraordinary album. Just put the light touches of Steve Howe's 'The Clap' to compare your ears to 'De Da Do Da (For Dixie)', the electric guitar work of guitarist Neal Schon (Journey). The cultural aspects of Michael Hedges. Finally, lay down the mimmicked eccentric details of Lindsey Buckingham, and at last you have "There's a Heaven". Indeed worth the time and effort to listen to. Bob Weston's own "Out Of The Cradle", a sure match!! (Jeff Baer, Thorofare, New Jersey, USA)

This album is a real treat and a must for die-hard Fleetwood Mac fans. There's a very nice blend of instrumental and vocal works on "There's a Heaven". Beautiful guitar work and vocals. It's a great album for relaxation just before bedtime or just as you're waking up. Bob Weston is a rare find in the music world. Give his album a listen! (Sharon Bos, Sterling, Virginia, USA)

This album was also commented on by many people during Bob Weston's December 1999 Q&A with The Penguin.

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