The Shadows

The Shadows were an English Rock Instrumental group, fronted by Hank B Marvin, which was formed 1958 as a backing group

The Shadows
for Sir Cliff Richard. They released 'Move It' in 1958 which made its way to number two in the British charts. Their first number one chart topping track, 'Apache', written by composer Jerry Lordan, was released in July, 1960 and spent twenty-one weeks at the top of the British music charts. The Shadows have enjoyed 34 hits on their own and another 33 through their involvement with Cliff Richard. The Shadows have the distinction of being the only artists to have an album, EP, and a single at the number one position on the charts simultaneously.

The rhythm guitar player, Bruce Welch, was born Bruce Cripps on November 2, 1941 in Bognor Regis, in the South West of England. Welch was an excellent rhythm guitarist and was involved in producing. The drummer, Brian Bennett, was born in London, England on February 9, 1940. Bennett was a drummer with Marty Wilde's Wildcats and Krew Kats before replacing Tony Meehan in The Shadows in October 1961. Bennett's son, Warren, plays keyboard and has been doing musical arrangements for Hank Marvin's recent recordings. Bass guitarists for The Shadows included Jet Harris (who gave the band its name), John Rostill (1942 - 1973), and Brian 'Liquorice' Locking.

The lead guitar player of the Shadows (formerly the Drifters), Hank B Marvin, was born Brian Robson Rank on October 28, 1941 in Newcastle, England. Rankin's name was changed by Deed Poll in the 1950s to Hank Brian Marvin. Marvin has been the unique sound of The Shadows since the group was first formed in 1958, and was one of the first people in England to use a Fender Statocaster. Marvin has been an inspiration to many musicians, but he says he really doesn't understand why: "I would never have

Hank Marvin
thought that I'd have any kind of influence on these people. Oh, maybe with Jimmy Page to a degree, but with people like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, I would have thought their early influences would have been much more obscure-- the kind of blues people that they pattern their playing on. But it's all very flattering, really." In 1986 Hank Marvin and his family moved to the suburbs of Perth, Australia and has worked on a solo career of his own releasing the award winning albums, Into The Light and Heartbeat.

Although relatively obscure in America, Hank Marvin and the Shadows had a very profound impact on English Guitarists. In the 1979 book, Rock Guitarists, Marvin stated, "A few years ago it was very uncool to mention the Shadows as an influence. That was when everything was getting really heavy, and I know that from talking to DJs and some members of groups, it was very uncool to say that you'd ever liked the Shadows or Cliff Richard. Then, about two years ago [1977], it suddenly became popular to say that you had been influenced by us. It was no longer a thing of shame." In Jenny Boyd's book, Musicians in Tune, Peter Frampton stated, "The Shadows were my heroes. More than the singers, it was the players. I don't know how many English guitarists don't quote Hank Marvin as their hero. He was the one who made you start playing, he and Buddy Holly."

Peter Green performed the song 'Midnight' for TWANG: A Tribute To Hank Marvin And The Shadows in 1996.

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