Bob Weston

B ob Weston, like Dave Walker, was hired to fill the void left by Danny Kirwan's departure. Born in England,

Bob Weston
he met FM while on the road with Long John Baldry, an R&B singer. Weston made two albums with the band, Penguin and Mystery to Me, both released in 1973. The band was extremely proud of their work on the latter-- it was also doing well on the charts-- and set out on tour to promote it in September of that year. All went very well for about a month, when Mick Fleetwood suddenly became aware that his wife, Jenny, was having an affair with Weston. As Weston recalls in Bob Brunning's book, Behind the Masks, "I didn't coldly weigh up the pros and cons of my career versus my inner feelings...I thought the band was on its last legs anyhow. John and Christine were saying, 'You leave the band and I'll stay; no, you leave and I'll stay.' And they were the kingpins of Fleetwood Mac! Bob Welch was saying, 'I'm going to have to go and pursue a solo career.' Christine's affair with Martin was rattling on. It was all in tatters!" Jenny insisted on telling Mick about the affair herself; she then left the tour and took the Fleetwood children to L.A. Not wanting to be the one to cut the tour short, Mick tried to carry on playing with Weston in the band. The tension continued to build, however, and on October 23rd, 1973, in Lincoln, Nebraska, he told the McVies and Welch that he couldn't do it any longer. Fleetwood Mac's road manager, John Courage, fired Weston, who was put on a plane and not seen again by the group for years. As Weston remembers, "I got a phone call early one morning after a gig, about eight. I hadn't even had a cup of tea! Next thing, there's a knock at the door, and the

Bob Weston
entire road crew was standing there. They were all looking daggers at me, very menacing, all broken noses and scars...It was horrible seeing all those lads with whom I'd worked so happily emanating such a lot of hostility towards me. I think I was a scapegoat. There were all these other affairs going on within the band, but I wasn't good at boxing. I didn't duck at the right time!" Recently, Weston wryly recalled that it was, "...the most expensive affair I've ever had in my life...cost me a career, that did. "

Bob Welch then called FM's manager in England, Clifford Davis, and tried to explain why the tour would have to be cut short. A furious Davis, who felt he 'owned' the name Fleetwood Mac, soon put together a fake band and sent them out on the road, beginning a year-long legal battle which almost did the real Fleetwood Mac in for good.

Weston released his first new album since 1981, There's A Heaven, and was a guest in The Penguin Q&A Session in December 1999. In reference to this newest release, Bob said "The new album is extremely eclectic, offering 50% songs and 50% instrumentals. It's a bit of a world journey, touching on latin, gospel, indian tabla, delta blues (slide and straight guitar). Blimey - you have to hear it."

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